HISTORIC GERMANTOWN INVITES YOUR GROUP to embark on an adventure in one of America’s most historic neighborhoods. Experience how people lived in Colonial times, learn about a time when local families watched soldiers march through the streets and heard bullets whizzing past their front doors, or visit beautiful gardens and urban homesteads complete with chickens and bees.

To organize your group visit, please email programs@freedomsbackyard.com or call (215) 844-1683 today!

Browse through our list of world class destinations and we can customize your own group experience with the help of our trained staff.

History Hunters

Join the Hunt for History in your own backyard!

The History Hunters Youth Reporter Program is an exciting, literacy-based educational program that takes students to four exceptional historic houses during the school year. Students in the program will become investigative reporters, writing about their experiences with the history, buildings and artifacts of their community with visits to Stenton, The Johnson House, Cliveden, the La Salle University Art Museum and Wyck.

School Group Tours

Historic Germantown offers a variety of ways for groups of all sizes, interests, and ages to explore our neighborhood, browse our museums, and discover something new about American history spanning three centuries.