Vintage Germantowne Crier masthead, circa 1956

The Germantown Crier has its origins as a newsletter first published in 1946 by the Germantown Historical Society. It was reworked into a journal format, and the first issue was published in the winter of 1949. Since then, a new issue has been released multiple times each year, and features articles covering various aspects of Germantown history. It occasionally features the works of Germantown writers and artists. The Crier is currently released twice a year in spring and fall.

We will be sharing vintage articles from the Crier here in a virtual library – adding a new article regularly throughout the year!

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Special Series from the Fall 2006 Germantown CrierBetween the Wars: Life in Germantown Between World War I and World War II

“In the early 1990s the Germantown Historical Society conducted an oral history project under the direction of Louise Strawbridge, in conjunction with the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta. Older Germantown residents, many of them African Americans, were interviewed on tape about growing up in Germantown between the first and second World Wars. These tapes offer each person’s unique story and highlights shared experiences. Many of those interviewed, for example attended the Hill School, Roosevelt Junior High, Germantown High School, the Wissahickon Boys Club, and the [Black] YWCA. Those interviewed knew the value of their memories of Germantown and generously gave their time and effort to the project. We have selected five interviews, four of African Americans and one of two White sisters. Each interview has been edited and shortened. All the tapes are held at the Germantown Historical Society.
The transcriptions of these interviews have been carried out by various volunteers. The assistance of Jim Moore, librarian of the African American Genealogy Group, has been invaluable–transcribing tapes, doing additional research, including obtaining photographs, and checking each interview.”


Early Lighting in Germantown, September 1962

Written for the September 1962 Crier, this article, by Frank E. Glace, features the history of early lighting in Germantown.

When Harlem Renaissance Came to Germantown: Negro Achievement Week April 1928, Spring 2009

Jewish Foster Home and Orphans Asylum of Philadelphia, spring 2010

  • Dennis McGlinchey authors this article on the Jewish Foster Home and Orphans Asylum once located on 700 Church Lane in East Germantown. From the vol. 60 no 1 spring 2010 edition of the Crier.

Shoe Manufacturing in Germantown in 1850: The End of the “Gentle Craft” Winter, 1989/90

  • Article by former Archivist of the Germantown Historical Society and the former editor of the Germantown Crier, Lisabeth M. Holloway on the craft industry of shoemaking in Germantown.

Site & Relic Society of Germantown Vol 2 No1, circa 1916

  • Early “journal” of proceedings from events held for the Site & Relic Society of Germantown (and more), published circa 1916. The Site & Relic Society of Germantown was the precursor organization to the Germantown Historical Society.
  • ‘The Garden at Stenton’ by Mrs. William Redwood Wright
  • ‘The Reception at Cliveden’ by Jane Campbell
  • ‘A Newcomer in Germantown’ by Jane Campbell

Johnnie Schreiber Sees the Battle of Germantown, May 1962

  • A brief article by Dr. Catherine MacFarlane who discovered Johnnie Schreiber while doing research on the Battle of Germantown. Originally published in May 1962, Volume 14, No.2.
  • The author biography at the end mentions Dr. MacFarlane hoped to publish a book for children on Johnnie Schreiber. It looks like it probably never happened, but the life of Dr. MacFarlane is incredibly interesting in her own right. Read more about this incredible woman here.

“Our Sweethearts of the North”: Civil War Portrait Photographs at the Germantown Historical Society, Spring 2007

  • Interesting article highlighting the images and history of some Civil War era portraits in the collection of the Germantown Historical Society by Susan Powell Witt. Originally published in Spring 2007, Volume 57, Issue 1.

In Sickness and In Health: Some Highlights of Medical Practice in Germantown’s Past, circa 1987

  • An article highlighting medical practices in Germantown by Steven J. Peitzman, M.D. and Lisabeth M. Holloway. From the Vol. 39, No. 3 Summer 1987 edition.

Great & Historic Trees of Philadelphia County, March 1968

  • A compilation of historic trees from around Philadelphia County, featuring types, sizes and locations. By John T. McNeil, originally published in March 1968.