Black Lives Matter

Historic Germantown Consortium

Black Lives Matter Statement


We, the member sites of the Historic Germantown consortium, affirm that Black Lives Matter. We stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color communities, and share their grief over lives lost and their goals for social justice. We honor the presence of Black and Brown residents, activists, and leaders in Northwest Philadelphia.

The consortium holds itself accountable to a high standard of inclusion and outreach, and acknowledges the deep rifts in our neighborhoods caused by racism, violence, disinvestment, and white supremacy. We condemn these behaviors and structures, holding space to claim our role in making positive changes within our institutions and in the wider world.

Historic Germantown sites will continue to tell diverse and fascinating stories of the past, present, and future that highlight pride of place, famous firsts, prominent families and grassroots leaders, and the ongoing struggle for freedom.  In this work, we will foster greater participation, equity and opportunity within our community, striving to make the repairs and share the resources necessary to build goodwill and promote social justice now and into the future.






Historic Germantown affirms #BlackLivesMatter and commemorates lives lost on this 1-year anniversary of George Floyd’s killing. The rapid changes in our country over the past year have heightened our social awareness, shifted our perspectives and reified our commitment to being a good neighbor. We realize that social justice is at the heart of all, and  affirming Black Lives Matter needs the words, deeds and actions combined to make a difference. As a consortium of 18 historic sites located in Northwest Philadelphia, Historic Germantown is an active cohort of socially responsive museums. As a core part of our commitment and culmination of our outreach, on May 25th, 2021 the 1-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, we are transparently presenting our BLM statement, process and actions happening at our historic sites, to the community. Answering the calls for greater equity, institutional accountability and more pathways to participation for community members.

Tuomi Forrest Executive Director of Historic Germantown states

“As our nation embarks on a journey of repair, one year since the murder of George Floyd, Historic Germantown, with and in support of our 18 affiliated cultural sites, affirms Black Lives Matter. We have a vision for inclusion in Northwest Philadelphia: we want all visitors to feel deeply cared about, called in, respected and protected, as we clearly face all aspects of our history — of our organizations, of this community, and of our country. In this majority African American community, we gather with neighbors through our consortium to help dismantle racist structures and systems as our collective responsibility”

Keep in touch with your feedback, suggestions and encouragement for the journey ahead.

To read our Action & Inclusion Plan, click on the link below:

Black Lives Matter Action & Inclusion Plan